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UUCGF Closed for Two Weeks

An important announcement:

Upon the recommendation of the UUA (read more here) and in our efforts to help prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community, the Board reached a decision on Thursday to cancel our next two Sunday services and all … read more.

Building & Grounds Committee

Rental of RE space:  There has been no interest in our rental space to date.  In consultation with our realtor we are finalizing a lower lease amount in an effort to attract a tenant.

Accessible Parking:  We are interested in finding out how the accessible parking spot is … read more.

Membership & Hospitality Committee

Present at the February 14th meeting were:  Rev. Barbara Threet, Julia O’Rourke, Lynn McDonald, and Jean Grant.

There are still several pots and pans in the kitchen that need to be returned to their owners.  Please look over those on the stoves and shelves and take … read more.

Religious Education

By Chuck Schiltz

We’ve finished the UU’s Tapestry of Faith’s, “Morality Tales” sessions; stories that reflect and explain our Seven Principles.  As the season deepens into winter and settles out into spring we will be hearing stories from many nations and many religions that are part … read more.

Board President’s Notes

By Will Aitcheson

Our potluck continues to be well attended and much beloved. It is also a monthly opportunity for congregational conversation in order to examine and air issues that are important to us. For example, Pema reported on her great work together with others from … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Desk

The Rev. Barbara Threet

A postcard arrived in the mail a few days ago which said, “Thanks for your bulb order. We have determined that in your area, it is too early to plant these bulbs. We are holding your order and will send them at … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Desk

The Rev. Barbara Threet

This evening (Saturday, January 18), I really wish I could foretell the future!  Well, I wish I could at least know exactly how much snow we’re really going to get overnight, and whether it will be easy to shovel in the morning … read more.

Board President’s Notes

by Will Aitcheson

As a measure of how I am growing into my role, I now look forward to this monthly letter the same way I look forward to our monthly potluck: as an opportunity for the Board and myself to communicate clearly and connect dearly … read more.