At UUCGF, we believe that learning is lifelong. Religious education isn’t just for children! We seek to provide resources for adults of all ages to continue learning and exploring religion and philosophy, justice and ethics, and the foundations and history of our UU faith.

Our congregation’s library (located in the Fellowship Hall) features books on a variety of topics, available for loan.

Reading and Discussion Group

Our reading and discussion group, led by Harvey Noordsy, meets monthly to discuss a topical book chosen for the year. Some past selections include Dark Age America: Climate Change, Cultural Collapse, and the Hard Future by John Michael Greer, and A God that Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of Our Planet by Nancy Ellen Abrams.

The reading and discussion group takes a hiatus during the summer, and re-convenes in September, when a new book selection will be announced. New attendees are welcome! Contact Harvey Noordsy for more information about the group, and purchasing the book at a group discount.

Resources for Seniors

This handout offers information on organizing personal information, documents, and health information for seniors. You can download it by clicking here!