Note to Congregants: Reopening April 2022

Dear Fellow UUCGF Congregants and Friends,

We are very pleased to share the following information with you.  As Covid 19 cases have dropped significantly in the region, our Reopening Task Force has recommended that our congregation return to hybrid services every week beginning on April 3, … read more.

Beware of Email Scams!

An important message from Rev. Barbara:

Recently, members of UU Glens Falls received an email claiming to be from me (Rev. Barbara), stating that there was some vague emergency and asking recipients to purchase store cards to send to me with a promise that I would … read more.

Notes from the Board: December 2022

Hello Congregation! 

Our Board met right after the first snowfall, a beautiful sight to see with its pure, bright, whiteness and indicator of the change of season. The Board made some decisions, and acted on a couple of our retreat goals. The key goals included updating … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Balcony: December 2022

A poem, written by retired UU minister the Rev. Mary Wellemeyer, called ‘Late November’:

One day it happens –
often it comes after rain.
Suddenly the leaves are gone
from the trees of the hillsides;
only some oak and beech trees
cling to curled brown souvenirs of summer.
Now comes a special … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Desk: November 2022

Balance. I’ve been thinking a lot about balance over the past week or two. This particular assessment of finding balance happens for me every year about this time, through most of October and early November, and then again through April and into May. Assessing balance … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Desk: October 2022

By the Rev. Barbara Threet

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what has deep personal meaning, and why. My ruminations have been sparked by my mother’s death, as my family begins the process of dismantling her household. Our family moved there almost 60 years ago, … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Couch

by the Rev. Barbara Threet

Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love,
time is eternity. (or ‘time is not’, in another version).

These words, which may well be … read more.

Reflections on Next Year (from Rev. Barbara’s Balcony)

by the Rev. Barbara Threet

Now that the 2021-22 UU church year is drawing to a close, I’m thinking about next year’s adult education Zoom classes. This year’s classes (“Transcendentalism: Beyond Emerson,” “The Bible Says…” and “Who Me? An Elder?”) were well received, and all three … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Balcony

by the Rev. Barbara Threet

The days, so filled with budding green and flowering trees, bursting lilacs and not-yet-faded daffodils – and so filled, also, with surging Covid numbers, angst at what SCOTUS could hand down, fears of drought and fire, and terror in Ukraine and … read more.

Annual Meeting: May 1, 2022

On Sunday, May 1, members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Glens Falls will meet online for our Annual Meeting to reflect on the past year and to consider our future. Friends of UUCGF are welcome to attend as well. This year we will be considering and electing … read more.