Month: November 2019

Membership & Hospitality Committee

by Jean Grant

Present at the October 18th meeting were:  Rev. Barbara Threet, Steve Baratta, Lynn McDonald, Julia O’Rourke, Betty Noordsy, and Jean Grant.

Committee members finalized plans for the New Member Ceremony to be held Sunday, October 20th.  We’re excited to welcome the following to our … read more.

Building Your Own Theology, Part II

by the Rev. Barbara Threet

Last year a group of UUCGF members and friends gathered once a month for a class facilitated by Rev. Barbara, in which we explored a specific theological concept.  Class members receive an emailed reading a week or so before class which … read more.

Building & Grounds Committee

by Bob Rockwell & Rich Myette

Unfortunately I have not been very successful in organizing a team to work on the landscaping project or cleaning up the grounds and getting ready for winter. In talking with Peter Watkins, who I think will be a good … read more.

Social Action Committee

by Rick Haas

Please consider being available to give rides to the polls for this year’s elections. The Social Action Committee is considering advertising an email address and phone number for people to contact. If people offer availability, we will connect callers with volunteers for rides. 

Also, … read more.

Board President’s Notes

by Will Aitcheson

I am writing to you this month in order to celebrate all the great things that happened since my last note. First, let’s warmly welcome our five new members; Xanath Bailey, Rick and Karen Haas, Miranda Kyhill, and Beverly Lavick. Our sincere hope … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Desk

by the Rev. Barbara Threet

One of the real joys for me as your minister last year was facilitating the Building Your Own Theology class, with its rich discussions about what God is (or isn’t), where we find the Holy (or don’t), what human nature is, … read more.