Note to Congregants: Reopening April 2022

Dear Fellow UUCGF Congregants and Friends,

We are very pleased to share the following information with you.  As Covid 19 cases have dropped significantly in the region, our Reopening Task Force has recommended that our congregation return to hybrid services every week beginning on April 3, 2022.  This recommendation was voted upon and approved by the Board of Trustees at the March 17th meeting.  The Board of Trustees has also approved reopening the building for use by outside groups according to our building policy guidelines and continued guidance by state and local health departments.  

We are committed to a reopening that honors UU Principles and that will provide a safe environment for all.  As such, we will be following the guidelines as noted here:

  • It is assumed all attendees are fully vaccinated.
  • Masks will be required for all attendees.
  • Hymnals and paper copies of the Order of Service will be distributed.
  • Speakers for the service and soloists will be allowed to remove their masks.
  • Congregants will be allowed to sing with masks on.
  • Windows will be opened.
  • Coffee hour will be outside only and minimally catered.

We realize some speakers and readers may have to be Zoom broadcast, however the sanctuary will be open on those Sundays for anyone who wants to attend in person. Some services could be a combination of participants in person and via Zoom.  The Zoom link and Order of Service will continue to be sent out prior to Sunday so that those who wish to participate from home will be able to do so.  

We realize we are in need of help with the set-up and operation of the technology in the sanctuary. We welcome and will strive to increase participation in those areas.

We are very grateful to the Worship Committee and our technology team for all that they have done and continue to do to allow for our services.  Thank you to all involved with those groups!

We hope to see you either in person or on Zoom beginning April 3rd!

The UUCGF Board of Trustees and Reopening Task Force