Notes from the Board: December 2022

Hello Congregation! 

Our Board met right after the first snowfall, a beautiful sight to see with its pure, bright, whiteness and indicator of the change of season. The Board made some decisions, and acted on a couple of our retreat goals. The key goals included updating our Board handbook, Committee Roles, and Bylaws, and maintaining information on the UUCGF’s Google Drive. 

Some of the key items on November’s agenda were:

  • To increase the cost of fees paid to guest speakers according to suggested amounts indicated by the UUA. 
  • The Board decided to update electrical outlets and lighting in the hall and sanctuary from fluorescent to LED lighting, which is more energy efficient and lasts longer. 
  • The Board also voted to buy a new office printer to replace the malfunctioning one, enabling us to continue to provide printed orders of service on Sundays. 
  • Xanath Bailey presented a document that defines the roles of the Membership.
  • Committee to include its purpose and tasks, which delineates between the Membership and Hospitality Committee roles. 
  • On an unfortunate note, our renter has decided to let their lease run out thru December and not renew for the following year.  The renter and his worship group have decided to join another mosque in the local area. We wish them the best.  Thus, we will be seeking new renters for the future. 

We are once again coming to a time of year that we give thanks for our blessings.  This is a time when families and friends get together to share a meal or watch a football game.  It can be a joyous occasion, but the time can be difficult and lonely for many.  As a community, remember that we have each other, and if you need to speak with someone, pick-up the phone and give a call.  

On a last note, Rich Myette has kindly placed words on the sign at our driveway entrance; the message is from the UU mission statement: “Inspire Peace and Justice”.  Keep your eyes on the road, but stop and look up.  Thanks, Rich!  Congregation and friends – Thank you for all you do for UUCGF.  You are all in the Boards’ thoughts and prayers.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Written by Felice Best, UUCGF Board Secretary 
On Behalf of the UUCGF Board of Trustees