Return to Zoom-only Services at UUCGF

Dear UUCGF Family and Friends,     

The UUCGF Board of Trustees voted today to accept a recommendation from the Reopening Task Force and have all Sunday services moved to Zoom-only for the time being.  The RTF and Board will revisit and re-examine the need to pause in-person hybrid services in a month’s time.  Please know that this decision was not made lightly and was based upon the current Covid metrics.  As we enter the winter season, we are unable to provide open-air ventilation in our building and are concerned that the increased amount of time that people will be spending indoors in other settings will not allow for significant improvement in the pandemic situation.     

We continue to find ourselves in an extraordinary time right now as we do our part to minimize the impact of Covid 19 while trying to maintain our spiritual health both personally, and as a community.  We are sad that the pandemic is still such a concern and we are challenged to find ways to stay socially connected.  If you haven’t yet tried a Zoom service yet, or haven’t been with us online in a while, please consider doing so in the weeks ahead.  There are some wonderful services planned for January!     

Hang in there and know that you are loved.

In fellowship,