Notes from the Board

by Xanath Bailey

A recent topic of discussion during our October Board of Trustees meeting was the impact of the pandemic on our congregation – both in terms of our ability to meet the needs of our individual congregants and regarding the spiritual health of our congregational family.  It is not new information that even before the pandemic, congregations of all faiths and denominations have experienced attrition and have been challenged to minister to diverse groups of people.  

The Board of Trustees is interested in continuing to provide engaging, welcoming services, care and programs to our current members and friends, but also would like to do a better, more inclusive job of ministering to those outside of our congregation.  Central to these goals is the aim to provide opportunities for people of all ages to live out the principles of Unitarian Universalism not just at our building or on Zoom during Sunday services, but in the greater world.  We hope to create community outreach and service events and work toward renewing the RE program.  The pandemic makes this all challenging to do BUT you can be a part of this by offering your ideas, attendance (on-line or in person), and skills.  A first step will be to complete the Skills and Interests survey. Each one of us has something to offer and there is no time like now to make a difference!

Appreciating the past; looking toward the future,

Xanath and the Board of Trustees

P.S.:  Do you know of someone who might be interested in learning about Unitarian Universalism or who might just benefit from attending a service?  Please consider inviting them to join us in person or via Zoom.