Membership & Hospitality Committee

by Jean Grant

The committee met on Sept. 13th. Committee members discussed the New Member Ceremony which will be held Sunday, October 20th.  Materials were ordered in July and September. Barbara will be contacting those who have expressed an interest in joining UUCGF.

The committee wishes to thank everyone who volunteered their time and special treats to the Summer Coffee Hour gatherings.  

A special thank you to everyone who continues to take great care of the kitchen.  Our church mice have been very quiet, although the cooler temperatures will certainly encourage them to find more comfort inside the building.  Please remember to wipe down counters and store food items in the refrigerator or plastic bins.

Anyone wishing to be a Greeter is asked to sign the posted calendar in the Fellowship Room.  Members, friends, and visitors always enjoy a welcoming smile when they arrive.

Our next meeting will be Fri., October 18th at noon.