Building & Grounds Committee

by Jean Grant and Rich Myette

Since our last newsletter, not only will Jack Abbott serve on the committee, but Sue Abbott will also join us.  Thank you, Jack and Sue!

Our winter weather has brought extra snow and ice this month.  Rich cleared a path from the back kitchen porch to the parking lot, and he and Will provided additional sand and ice melt for the entryway.

The committee purchased two more snow shovels and an ice chopper.  The ramp off the designated EXIT door to the Fellowship Room will be cleared of snow to enable a safe escape, should it be necessary.

Work continues to seal areas in the kitchen to limit access for our church mice.  Rich added door strips to the back door and pantry door. The large open area under the stainless steel tables has also been sealed.

Many of us are looking forward to spring already!  Rather than having a designated day for outdoor cleanup, we hope to have a week set aside for volunteers to come and go as they are able to work on the grounds.