Topic: Unitarian Universalism

Hudson-Mohawk Cluster Combined Service

Our annual combined service with the other congregations of the Hudson-Mohawk cluster.

The pandemic has shown us more clearly the ways we are interconnected and responsible to and for each other. How does this change the way we think about covenant in and across our congregations. … read more.

Why Church?

For many of us, UUCGF has been one of the pillars that’s helped us through these last several months, even without being able to meet in person. But why do we seek out a church to begin with, even ours, and why do we put … read more.

A Unitarian Controversy

All Sunday services are currently being held online via Zoom. Links will be sent weekly via our email list; please contact us to be added.

In October, we looked at a Universalist controversy, but both sides of our heritage have occasionally struggled with what they believe. There … read more.

A Covenanting Congregation

New Member Sunday!

Our current UU principles and purposes start with these words, “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote…” This week, we’ll explore some of these words, and their history.

Our monthly potluck lunch and Congregation Conversation will follow this service. All … read more.

Ingathering & Water Communion

This Sunday, we celebrate the UU tradition of the Water Communion. Everyone is invited to bring a small amount of water from their summer adventures to add to the communal vessel.

On Margaret Fuller

The Rev. Nikki Williams will speak on the life of 19th century journalist, social justice activist, and Unitarian Margaret Fuller

The Contemplative Unitarian Universalist

Unitarian Universalists are widely (and rightly) recognized for their dedication to and participation in social justice causes.  Less visible among us may be the UUs who self-identify as mystics embracing a contemplative spiritual life.  How do UU mystics and contemplatives respond to the Unitarian Universalists’ call to be … read more.