Speaker: Rev. Barbara Threet

Those Sweet June Days

When I was a kid (many, many years ago!) summer meant lots of long, lazy days. No school, of course, and few other planned activities. That’s no longer true even for kids, and certainly adults have plenty of responsibilities that continue on through the summer. … read more.

What Does it Mean to ‘Belong’?

We’ll consider what it means to belong, and how we can encourage others to feel they belong. The service will include a New Member Welcoming Ceremony. 

After the service we will have a short coffee hour with healthy finger foods (NO POTLUCK THIS SUNDAY!) and then … read more.

Climate Change: Struggle and Hope

It’s well documented and painfully obvious that the world’s climate is rapidly changing, in ways that are deeply concerning. What can we do about it as individuals and as collectives of people, and where can we find hope while still acknowledging how serious the situation … read more.


So often in life, gremlins seem to thwart us. Unexpected glitches, unanticipated challenges, and incomprehensible confusions. Where to they come from, what can we do about them, how might we avoid them, and how might they even be helpful?

“I Appreciate…”

In this Thanksgiving season there are many ways to express our appreciation for the blessings life has given us, and many ways to share that appreciation. We’ll explore some of them together.