Topic: Spiritual Practices

Starting Over, Again and Again

Life is full of beginnings large and small, and almost none of them exist without some influence from what came before. This Sunday, as we move back into the rhythm of the 2019-20 church year at UUCGF, we’ll reflect on what it means to start over, yet again.

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On Spiritual Direction

An introduction to the practice of Spiritual Direction with Jungian psychoanalyst, chaplain, and spiritual director Charles Hall.

The Contemplative Unitarian Universalist

Unitarian Universalists are widely (and rightly) recognized for their dedication to and participation in social justice causes.  Less visible among us may be the UUs who self-identify as mystics embracing a contemplative spiritual life.  How do UU mystics and contemplatives respond to the Unitarian Universalists’ call to be … read more.

Holy Wells, Sacred Gardens

Drawing on the work of gardener Mary Reynolds, this service will explore what makes a place sacred and how we can bring the sacred into the work of our own hands.

An Attitude of Prayer

What does prayer mean for Unitarian Universalists? Why would we pray, and if we do, when? What is prayer – a supplication, a bargain, an affirmation, a centering, an abdication, or…? We’ll consider these questions and more, using prayers from many traditions and times.

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