Topic: Water Communion

Ingather Service and Water Communion

You are invited to bring a small sample of water from your various summer destinations to mix together for our traditional Water Communion ceremony. Zoom congregants will be able to participate from home by naming the sources of their samples and mixing them virtually and symbolically with … read more.

Annual Ingathering

All Sunday services are currently being held online via Zoom. Links will be sent weekly via our email list; please contact us to be added.

As we continue to gather virtually, we will be putting a different spin on our annual Ingathering service. Join us as we … read more.

Ingathering & Water Communion

This Sunday, we celebrate the UU tradition of the Water Communion. Everyone is invited to bring a small amount of water from their summer adventures to add to the communal vessel.

Water Communion & Ingathering

The Water Communion is a UU tradition, marking the end of summer and a return from travels and other adventures. Whether you spent your summer at home or away, all are invited to bring a small amount of water representing your summer adventures–whether from a … read more.