Topic: Christianity

After Jesus, Before Christianity

A presentation by Rev. Harvey Noordsy on a recent publication by the Westar Institute. Rev. Noordsy will explore the developments of “Jesus People” in the first two centuries after Jesus, before there was any consistent pattern that could be called a “Christian Church.”

The Other Jesus

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We are Unitarian Universalists. As such, we do not profess that Jesus is God, or that Jesus had to die to redeem us from original sin. … read more.

Gnostic Thought Through the Ages

Sally Strasser continues her series on Gnostic Christianity, following the progression of Gnostic thought from its inception through the following centuries.

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Jung’s Answer to Job

An exploration of the problem of evil and the quest for meaning in the face of the profound questions of human and animal suffering in our world, through the lens of Jungian psychology. Attendees are encouraged to read Jung’s “Answer to Job” prior to this … read more.