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From Rev. Barbara’s Desk

By the Rev. Barbara Threet

I write this on the day of Solstice, the day of the physical turning of the year. It’s only 10 days until the turning of the calendar year. Endings and beginnings, both of them. I often use UU meditation manuals as … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Desk

One of the oldest holiday traditions in my daughters’ lives is the baking of Auntie Mary’s cookies.

I don’t remember where the recipe came from – maybe some holiday edition of the Oneonta Star? I have no idea who Auntie Mary is, or where she got … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Desk

by the Rev. Barbara Threet

Most of us have been following political developments in our country quite closely, some for decades and some only for the past few years. Most of us have strong opinions on a variety of issues or candidates: on some of them, … read more.