In March of 2020, when COVID-19 reached our community, we made the difficult decision to close our church building and to suspend all in-person congregation activities until such a time as we could reopen safely and responsibly.

Fortunately, we were soon able to resume our worship gatherings virtually, using Zoom as our worship platform. We continue to meet at 10 AM every Sunday morning for worship and fellowship.

For Multi-Platform Worship

As of April 2022, we are reopening for multi-platform worship services (in-person and broadcast on Zoom).

  • It is assumed all attendees are fully vaccinated.
  • Masks will be required for all attendees.
  • Hymnals and paper copies of the Order of Service will be distributed.
  • Speakers for the service and soloists will be allowed to remove their masks.
  • Congregants will be allowed to sing with masks on.
  • Windows will be opened.
  • Coffee hour will be outside only and minimally catered.

For security reasons, we don’t post the links to our Zoom services publicly. This is to protect the safety and privacy of all who attend our services. However, all are still welcome to attend our services! We send out the Zoom link every week via our email list, usually on Friday or Saturday. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list to receive the weekly Zoom link, please send us a note via our contact page. We would love to have you!

For Zoom-Only Worship

Our basic service format remains the same, but the virtual format does come with some changes. We are grateful to enjoy a variety of music, both from our regular pianist Ray Savastano, and from members of our congregation. Instead of singing in unison for all to hear at once (which doesn’t work very well on Zoom due to everyone having a different amount of lag!) we enjoy one musician at a time and may sing along in the comfort of our own home while muted. We also enjoy recorded music from a variety of sources.

The Community and Connections portion of our service, where attendees may share announcements relevant to the congregation, is conducted by the meeting host. Attendees will be asked to raise their hands to indicate they have something to share, and unmute themselves to speak. Joys and Concerns is conducted similarly.

Following the service, we enjoy a “coffee hour” time to chat.