Notes from the Board

by Xanath Bailey

Even in this time of uncertainty, we are using creativity and resilience to find new ways to stay connected and celebrate two of our most important Fall traditions – the reconnection of our congregation and the much-loved Ingathering/Water Communion service.

With the help of Mike Goodwin who completed a successful NYSCU (New York State Convention of Universalists) grant application to purchase equipment and the tech. guidance of Derek Hallquist from the Saratoga UU, we are now able to offer hybrid Sunday services several times a month…broadcast directly from our sanctuary. As before, we can participate in the service from the comfort of our homes, but now those who wish to will also be able to meet in person at our building on alternate Sundays. Thank you to Mike and Derek and also to Jackie Goodwin, Sally Strasser, and Bob Rockwell who offered advice and assistance.

A big thank you to the Worship Committee who not only kept services going during a most challenging time, but continue to support both Zoom and hybrid services.

The work that has been done to prepare the technology and the building and grounds for reopening has been due to the hard work of volunteers. This is true as well of the effort that has gone into handling the likely rental of our larger RE space. I would like to encourage everyone within our congregation to pause for a few moments and consider our level of service within the church. There is likely to be a way that you can help our church to fulfill its mission, vision, and values. The Board of Trustees will be sending out a skills and interests survey soon. Please use this opportunity to consider how you might share your own personal gifts with the UUCGF community. There is no time like the present!

Xanath and the Board of Trustees