Changes to the Board

Our country has recently undergone a change in its leadership – and so has our church, though for different reasons, and much more easily! According to our by-laws, vacancies on the Board during the church year (which runs from July 1 through June 30) are filled by Board appointment. In the past month, we have experienced such a situation. Our Board President, Will Aitcheson, has found that for personal reasons, he needs to step back from the role of Board President and return to being simply a Board member. The Board is very grateful for his leadership, and is delighted that he is able to remain on the Board without needing to lead it!

That change led to other changes, though, which were approved unanimously at our last Board meeting. Elayne Leonelli (who was VP) has moved into the position Board President. Xanath Bailey (who was a Board member) has moved into the position of Board VP. Will Aitcheson will continue on the Board as a regular member. In addition, the Board has appointed Rich Myette to the Board as a seventh member: our by-laws stipulate that the Board should have ‘at least six members’, and it was felt that Rich would be a particularly valuable addition to the Board in these unusual times. 

So, from now until June 30, 2021, the UUCGF Board will be made up of the following:

  • Elayne Leonelli – President
  • Xanath Bailey – Vice President
  • Mike Goodwin – Treasurer
  • Felice Best – Secretary
  • Will Aitcheson, Andy Houtman, and Rich Myette – Members-at-Large
  • Rev. Barbara Threet – ex officio member

Many thanks to all who continue to serve, and to those who are taking new roles!

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  1. Glad Will continues to be a member. Elayne is a perfect fit as President.. Happy to see the other board members. We UUCGF are blest with caring Board Members.

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