Board President’s Notes (October 2020)

by Will Aitcheson

I have yet to include personal news in my monthly letter, but last month brought some significant changes in my life. First, my 16 year old grandson became significantly ill and spent a week in Glens Falls hospital. My thanks to all in the Congregation, and there were many, who expressed their feelings, prayers and support. Gladly, Anthony has fully recovered and has since worked with us at our clean-up day, earned his driver’s license, and returned to school. 

Second, I have just returned to work. I’m currently the brand new teacher aide in a first grade class at Kensington Road School. There are two reasons for this report. First, my schedule for both church and family is not quite as open as it once was. Second, many public schools have had to add additional substitute aides because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Essentially, the Glens Falls school district have split their classrooms in half in order to socially distance and maintain a 5-day school schedule. This necessitated the additional personnel. I’m having fun filling a need that will hopefully be temporary as we return to normal operations, whenever that may be.

Considering filling a need, Barbara has worked diligently with myself and the board presidents of Bennington and Rutland to develop ways for us to maintain contact with and support for one another. Members from all three churches are invited to gather for meditation time, UU history class, and an ethical choices class. At our church, the “Building Your Own Theology” class will continue. Finally in this vein, I will be leading a “Board Walk” starting Saturday, October 3rd at 1 p.m. at the Crandall Park fountain. Future times and venues will be discussed with participants at that time. Of course, all are invited to join adhering to mask and distancing protocols.

I firmly believe that I speak for everyone in expressing my deepest thanks to all who continue to work hard and lovingly to maintain our beloved community: Barbara for all her service in providing classes, expertise in Congregational management, personal communication through her letters, poetry and, most of all, her heartfelt and thoughtful communication that expresses her affection to us all; to the Board who work effectively and cooperatively as your representatives to conduct Congregational administrative business; to the Worship Committee who consistently provide weekly opportunities to think, feel and share with one another; the Social Action Committee who operate as our conscience in remaining both socially active and socially responsible; Membership who, among many other things, provides that caring contact just when we need it, and Building and Grounds who are the most responsible of stewards in maintaining our physical plant. We thank all of you.

May this work, this caring, and this love sustain us until we are together again.

~ Will Aitcheson

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