Board President’s Notes

By Will Aitcheson

The following are things that would have been reported, discussed, maybe even celebrated, but certainly shared at our monthly potluck and at coffee hours. How I miss our gathering. I think we all do. Yet, nearly everyone I have contacted expresses how grateful they are to have the opportunity to gather via Zoom. Some are even starting to enjoy the uniqueness of the interactions. The platform is not perfect. Some cannot join fully or even at all due to equipment issues or computer unfamiliarity, and others have security concerns. Yet the platform affords an opportunity to gather for worship that 30 or more of us enjoy each Sunday.

Anyway, here is some news, much of which can be found in the Board meeting minutes that are available to all via separate email attachment or by email request to Will.

First, our church facility will remain closed until further notice. Reopening will be discussed as first order of business at each regularly scheduled monthly board meeting. Realistically, the church cannot and will not open until Governor Cuomo lifts the current social distancing and other pandemic related restrictions.

Likewise, our annual meeting is postponed indefinitely. Financial operations will continue via our current budget until our annual meeting can be held. This is made possible by the generous and responsible response to our current pledge drive. The Board and Barbara are very grateful for the love and support shown in this way to this community by this community.

It seems that the pandemic crisis has driven us closer emotionally and spiritually. The high point of my week is when I make phone calls to members and friends on my list. Board members and Barbara will continue to make calls just to check in and see how people are. I encourage committees to meet via Zoom if you can, not to get any work done, just to stay in contact. As painful as our physical separation is, let us be comforted by the fact that our love for each other endures and grows and won’t be diminished or subdued.

We have also bought pizza for lunch once a week for healthcare workers at Glens Falls Hospital in conjunction with the GFH foundation and Talk of the Town restaurant. This effort will continue in our name through the social action committee. Those interested can send a check in $9 increments to Rick Haas, at 51 Evergreen Lane #201, Queensbury, NY 12804.

And now, with words that have taken on such poignant meaning recently, may we carry the light of truth, the warmth of community, and the fire of commitment in our hearts until we are together again.

 May it be so.

 May it be soon.