Building & Grounds Committee

Rental of RE space:  There has been no interest in our rental space to date.  In consultation with our realtor we are finalizing a lower lease amount in an effort to attract a tenant.

Accessible Parking:  We are interested in finding out how the accessible parking spot is working for people.  Is it located in the best place for you?  Are more accessible parking spaces needed?  Please share anything else you can about our accessible parking.  

Mice:  Thanks to everyone for being careful to not leave food or anything else around that attract mice. Please extend this awareness to the entire building.  Thanks for cleaning up after yourselves and pitching in if you see a need in this area.  If you use silverware, please be sure that the container lids are closed securely.  Special thanks to Jean Grant for her many efforts in this and other areas that help us.  

We need help:  Bob and Rich invite you to join our small group to help keep our spiritual home in shape.  Please contact Rich if you can help out.  Thanks to all who pitch in when they see something that helps keep the building as we want it to be. Little gestures like picking up a piece of food from the floor can have lasting results.  

~ Rich Myette and Bob Rockwell