Religious Education

By Chuck Schiltz

We’ve finished the UU’s Tapestry of Faith’s, “Morality Tales” sessions; stories that reflect and explain our Seven Principles.  As the season deepens into winter and settles out into spring we will be hearing stories from many nations and many religions that are part of the roots of Unitarian Universalism.  

It seems that the age range I cover has expanded as we now have a three-year old attending class.  An interesting change as I’ve never taught anyone so tiny!  Truth be told I get a big assist from her siblings.  Finally, a big thanks, as we move forward, to my weekly assistant, Rhyley, who helps with all those bothersome tasks that can bog down class set-up and clean-up.

Remember, the weekly routine of attending Religious Education Class can be a stabilizing factor in today’s world.  Bring on the kids.

~ Chuck Schiltz