Board President’s Notes

By Will Aitcheson

Our potluck continues to be well attended and much beloved. It is also a monthly opportunity for congregational conversation in order to examine and air issues that are important to us. For example, Pema reported on her great work together with others from our church family who have joined civic groups such as the Queensbury Climate Smart Committee. During this discussion, Pema recruited several volunteers for the following events: Distributing reusable shopping bags in response to the NY plastic bag ban on Sunday, March 1st; and Recycling day, Saturday April 25th at ACC parking lot from approximately 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pema has also proposed ordering a blue box from American Clothing Recycling. The Board will consider this proposal at our next meeting. We are very grateful to Pema for all her hard work and socially responsible advocacy.

Dave Legg recruited people for an emergency list; that is, a list of people who we can call when we need help right away due to power outage or similar circumstance. The list starts with our Pastoral Care Associates: Rich Myette, Karen Johnson, Bob Rockwell, and myself; but is added to by the names Dave has recruited. Dave has volunteered to distribute and maintain this list. There will be further discussion regarding what happens if a person cannot call because the power is out. Also, are there members of our family who need to be checked in on or contacted routinely, especially during or after a serious weather event?

There was also a discussion about our Sunday worship cancellation process. Barbara has conducted a survey in this regard, and the majority of us suggest that we officially cancel the service on Saturday night. Barbara will continue to develop this policy, taking into consideration the concerns voiced during our conversation. She will then bring her proposal to the Board at our March meeting.

Our Stewardship Campaign, or annual pledge drive, begins in March with Barbara’s worship service on March 15th and a following conversation at our potluck. In addition, Elayne Leonelli will facilitate an informational meeting after service on Sunday, March 22nd.

Finally, our “pets’ policy” has been corrected and clarified. There is no certification for service dogs. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there are two questions that can and need to be asked when someone wishes to bring a dog into the building: 1) Is this dog trained to perform a service to you due to a disability? And, 2) what service is this dog trained to perform? We are not allowed to ask what the disability is. These questions will be asked by our greeter if they are comfortable in doing so. Otherwise our Minister or a Board Member will. In response to a great suggestion from one of our family, we will post the meeting minutes that establishes this policy next to the ADA information in our main hall. 

May we carry the love and commitment we feel when we are together in our hearts and souls until we gather again.

~ Will Aitcheson     

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