Board President’s Notes

by Will Aitcheson

As a measure of how I am growing into my role, I now look forward to this monthly letter the same way I look forward to our monthly potluck: as an opportunity for the Board and myself to communicate clearly and connect dearly with our Beloved Community. During the December potluck, the Board identified for those present four goals to be attained this year: 1) finish updating our bylaws; 2) complete a healthy congregation policy; 3) rent our available RE space; and 4) finish our south side landscaping project. Topics to be discussed at our next Board meeting include:  structural modifications (moving the RE door) in our available space to make it more attractive to prospective renters, and removing mice once and for all from the building. Administrative issues will include: revisiting our no pets policy, discussing appropriate use of announcements during worship, and continuing our first step of strategic planning by legally clarifying and codifying our property deed.

Some may wonder how mice as a topic rises to such importance as to become a board agenda item. Mice droppings have been found in general traffic and common use areas outside of the kitchen and coffee area. This presents a significant health hazard especially to young children who are crawling about. If you have any additional information, questions, or concerns on this or any other issue, please contact or talk with me, Barbara, or any board member. We are keenly aware that communicating with the congregation is not just speaking clearly but also listening fully and thoughtfully.

Again our thanks to all the committees for their tireless labors of love that sustain us.

Happy holidays to all.