Building & Grounds Committee

by Bob Rockwell & Rich Myette

Unfortunately I have not been very successful in organizing a team to work on the landscaping project or cleaning up the grounds and getting ready for winter. In talking with Peter Watkins, who I think will be a good landscaper for our project, it is increasingly clear that just the seemingly simple project of clearing and grading the area south of our building and putting in topsoil and grading will cost more than the $1,500 we have designated. I am in the process of making an application for a grant from the Touba Family Foundation in an effort to find a way to acquire additional funds for this project. The current thinking is to keep the area simple and not requiring a lot of care and attention. This could mean a little meadow with perennials that could feed the bees and butterflies and provide some color.  Please contact me or Rich Myette if you would like to help carry out this project.

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