Building & Grounds Committee

by Bob Rockwell & Rich Myette

The Board authorized $1500 towards landscaping the area south of the building using the services of Peter Watkins of Watkins Nursery.  In the meantime in spite of my (Bob) superficial effort to clear some of the grass and plants, it is not enough to reduce the labor cost for a landscaper to do the removal of plants and roots in preparation for grading and putting in top soil.   At this point $1500 is not adequate for removing the grass, bushes and growth in the area, plus grading and topsoil. This means that we need a work party to thoroughly remove the current plants in the area, pull out roots and boards around the old perimeter of the swings and rake. This is more than I can do alone. Please contact Bob if you are interested in helping clear up this area. 

It is also becoming apparent that we cannot rely totally on the landscaper to create what we might like in the area.  We need to be more involved with creating what we would like. Bob would like to have a committee of interested people to guide in the design and creation of what to do with this space.  If you are interested please contact Bob.

Our RE space is currently being advertised in the Sept.-Oct. Healing Springs Journal which is a publication focusing on holistic and alternative health information and practitioners.  If anyone knows of anyone who might be interested in renting our space, please contact Bob Rockwell or Rich Myette.

The rental space is approximately 1,115 sq. ft.  The main room with an entrance door from outside measures 14.5′ x 33′ (478 sq. ft.).  There are three rooms with windows and doors that have access from this main room. Two rooms are approx. 14′ x 14′ (196 sq. feet each) and the end room is 14′ x 17.5′ (245 sq. ft.). Each room is fully carpeted with newly painted cream/off-white walls. Three rooms are ideal for personal office space, counseling or healing work.  The large main room is ideal for classes, yoga or Tai Chi, or for office reception. There is a covered walkway ramp from the parking lot that is wheelchair accessible. Bathrooms are accessible from main room.