Board President’s Notes

by Will Aitcheson

One way that I am nourished and inspired by our Congregation is through participating in Sunday worship. Thanks to the great work from our Worship Committee, each week I am comforted when I am sorely disturbed, and disturbed when I am a little too comfortable. This last month, my soul was gently but profoundly touched by two worship services in particular.  Rev. Nikki Williams’ service, “The Contemplative Unitarian Universalist”, has helped me feel the presence and miracle of a God I can’t possibly understand. The quote from F. Forrester Church was especially helpful. The worship service offered by Kate Roos prodded me to assimilate love into peace, in practice and in my being, although that is very much still a work in progress. I am so grateful to all those who made these and all our services possible. 

Please note the minutes from each Board Meeting to keep up to date on the issues we are dealing with on your behalf. Renting our available space and landscaping the south side open space continue to be topics of discussion.  This month we decided to participate in training specifically designed to help small congregations. The training is offered by the UUA and will be made available for the whole Congregation to participate. More details are to follow. 

On September 14th, the Board will participate in our annual Board Retreat. There are two important topics identified so far. First, we will review progress on goals we set last year and set new goals. Second, we will identify expectations: our expectations of each other and of the Board as an entity, our expectations of the Congregation, and what we think the Congregation’s expectations are of us. Any help and feedback you can provide on these topics would be greatly appreciated. I hope to facilitate congregational conversations on these and other topics at future Potluck Sundays. 


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