Membership & Hospitality Committee: June 2019

by Jean Grant

The committee wishes to thank Chuck Schiltz for kindly donating the large RE cabinet, which is now housed in the Fellowship Room to store our large collection of tablecloths.

The updated pamphlet “Becoming a Member or Friend” is on display in the entry area.  Friends and visitors are encouraged to take one to learn more about UUCGF and what it means to be a member or a friend.  In addition, new name holders / lanyards are now available for members who would like one.

A Directory has been created for people who have completed the “Welcome Visitors” card, as well as others who are attending more or would like to join UUCGF.

Julie continues to send cards to members and friends, as well as make home visits in some cases.  Thank you, Julie, for your care and compassion.

Reminder:  During the week of July 7th, volunteers will be cleaning out the kitchen refrigerators.  Anything not labeled / dated will go.  Notes have been posted on both refrigerators.

While visiting another church, one of our members saw this note:  “The mice will love it if you leave the lid off the garbage cans!”  The committee thanks everyone who has worked to keep our kitchen much cleaner, leaving our church mice fewer treats!       

The Membership Committee’s June meeting will be June 13th at noon.