Social Action Committee: June 2019

by Diane Collins

Diane Collins shared with the group at our May meeting that she will be resigning as the chairperson. Her almost three year tenure has been thoroughly gratifying. Her initial involvement as chair was sparked by the films shown in the spring of 2016 by Bob Rockwell about our UU history and the strong commitment through the years of UU Social Justice advocates. Diane intends to focus her future community work on the climate crisis, but will remain active on the committee and will help the new chair(s) settle in.  She awaits knowing who that will be.

The committee members agreed that the upcoming presidential elections will need our attention and action.  Jackie McConnell volunteers with the League of Women Voters and reached out to our committee to help on National Voter Registration Day, September 24th. Ten on the committee signed on for registration training by the League.        

We normally do not meet in the summer months and anticipate coming together in September. We will continue to provide Open Door volunteers throughout the summer on the 4th Monday of every month. Please contact Diane to volunteer in July, August and September.