Building & Grounds Committee: June 2019

Rich Myette has been busy in recent weeks contacting tree service companies about taking down the trees so that our solar project can go forward and provide as much solar power as possible.  Tree Masters was the chosen company. They removed quite a few trees at the right edge of the parking lot in front of the labyrinth and cleaned up the debris from the area. Apex Solar will be installing the solar panels the week of May 27th with production of electricity to begin SOON after that.  National Grid has to install a new meter before it is fully operational.  We look forward to this project being completed.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed toward this project.  We have the full amount we need to pay for it.  If we are lucky and get more solar available having had the trees cut, we might get the benefit of an increased incentive from NYSERDA.  If that happens, any extra money we have left can go toward the cost of having the trees cut!