Board President’s Notes: June 2019

by Bob Rockwell

All the papers have been signed for Apex Solar to go ahead and install solar panels on our south facing roof. Peter Kronau, the project manager, assures me that they will be installing the panels on Wednesday, May 29.  A few days after installation we should have the go ahead from National Grid to turn on the system and produce power from the sun for ourselves and any excess National Grid will buy back. This should reduce our electric bill considerably.

The few trees shading part of the roof have been removed exposing more of the south face of our building and opening up more ground area west of the labyrinth.   What to do with this new open area is a question for the congregation to decide. What kind of ground cover? Plant flowers, myrtle, grass or low shrubs? This can be a topic of discussion for our Congregation/Minister/Board conversation.

On Saturday, May 11 about 20 members and friends of UUCGF met with four members of Rutland UU in Whitehall.  Herb Ogden from Rutland determined that where we had planned to for a hike was too wet and muddy. We decided to hike the railroad trail going south from Castleton University parking lot.  The weather was pleasant. The trail passed through interesting woods and swamp. How long one walked was up to each individual’s stamina. Afterwards we stopped by an ice cream stand for refreshment.  It was a fun outing.

Our annual meeting went well without any great controversy.  We passed the budget and elected new leadership for the coming year.  I wish incoming President Will Aitcheson and the new people coming on the Board, Beth Shropshire, Pema Reed and Mike Goodwin all the best. I do not plan to fade into the sunset but will still be active as a member of the Board.