Building & Grounds Committee

by Jean Grant & Rich Myette

After receiving reports from the CWI crew who clean each Monday, Rich was able to secure one of the toilet seats in the ladies restroom, as well as re-hang the clock in the sanctuary.  He also studied damaged areas along the wall/ceiling areas above the clock. Several areas of the ceiling are in need of repair by professionals.

The committee reported leaking faucets in the kitchen and ladies room, and shortly after, Elayne arranged to have them replaced.  Thank you, Elayne!

The CWI crew has been using one of several vacuum cleaners owned by the church.  It can be somewhat difficult to use, so Jean has been testing the others to see if it might be time to replace it with a new model.  In the meantime, they now have a second cleaner to work with.

Volunteers continue to work in the RE rooms, cleaning and painting walls and trim.