Board President’s Notes

by Bob Rockwell

Dear UUCGF Community,

The UUCGF annual business meeting is coming up soon– after the Sunday service on May 5th to be exact.  This is the opportunity to elect Board members, Board officers, and Nominating Committee members, as well as voting on the budget for next year and discussing plans for the future.    Many pledges have been turned in and Elayne indicates that she thinks we will be able to meet our next year’s proposed budget that will be presented at the Annual Meeting for congregational approval.   Preparations for renting out part of the Religious Education wing have progressed thanks to Pema Reed and her crew. Pema, Tony Krivitski, Rich Myette, Jean Grant, Sally Strasser, Maureen Dye, Martha Torregrossa, Steve Baratta, Heidi Kaufman, Lynn McDonald, and I completed prepping and painting to ready the space for a potential renter.

I will be completing my third year as president and am not eligible to continue as president.  Will Aitchison has agreed to be nominated for president. (A list of nominees for our next fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2019 will be sent out in a separate email in early April.)         

We have two major projects lined up to be completed this spring:  1) installing solar panels on our south facing roof with Apex Solar and 2) installing a dehumidifier in the basement along with sealing the baseboard of the cellar and crawl space underneath the sanctuary to be done by Adirondack Basements.   We had hoped that the kitchen might also be sealed, but there is no crawl space underneath the kitchen, making this impossible. Thanks to Jean Grant and Rich Myette for sealing the holes in the kitchen floor and putting flaps on the bottom of the dish closet and back door, there are not as many church mice present.  This along with a program of putting silverware, napkins, tea, crackers, sugar, etc., in sealed plastic containers and keeping the kitchen clean has helped reduce mouse calling cards in the kitchen.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE NO SERVICE AT UUCGF ON SUNDAY APRIL 7th.  Hopefully many of you will take the opportunity to join the combined service of UU ministers and members from Albany, Schenectady, Kingston and Saratoga at 11 am at the Doane Stuart School in Rensselaer.  There will be a potluck after the service. People are encouraged to bring finger foods to reduce cleaning dishes and silverware.

~ Bob Rockwell