Membership Committee

After many years of serving on this committee, Jack Abbott has resigned and will now be serving on the Building & Grounds Committee. Krystyne Wozniak has resigned to take some well-deserved time for herself.  UUCGF wishes to thank Jack and Krystyne for volunteering their time and talents to the Membership Committee. We’ll miss you both.

Lynn McDonald has agreed to join the Membership Committee.  Welcome and thank you, Lynn.

Julie has been mailing, even delivering, cards and little gifts to members and friends of UUCGF.  She enjoys doing it, and we greatly appreciate her love and caring thoughts. In Julie’s words: We send out birthday, congratulation and condolence cards to our Beloved Community when the occasion calls for it.  Sending greeting cards gives joy both ways from us to others..

As the group is actually called the Membership / Hospitality Committee, members discussed the possibility of creating two separate committees to divide the many tasks the present committee is responsible for.  However, it was agreed that due to the smaller number of people involved with UUCGF than in the past, it is necessary to keep the two combined.

The committee discussed taking part in future Farmer’s Markets and selling Fair Trade coffee.  In addition to raising funds, it would be wonderful publicity for UUCGF.

The committee reviewed several handouts used in the past.  Two will be updated and prepared for visitors.

Thank you to all who helped set up, clean up, and bring wonderful dishes to share for our Sunday Pot Luck.

The Membership Committee will meet again Thursday, March 14th at 12:00.