Building & Grounds Committee

by Jean Grant

Rich Myette arranged for a hauler to remove all the items on the back porch, so that area has now been cleared off. Thank you, Rich!

A new storage cabinet for cleaning supplies has been placed next to the back porch door, and two broom & mop holder racks have been installed on the wall next to the cabinet. This creates a healthier pantry area for dishes. A two-step ladder has also been added to the pantry to access items from higher shelves. A First Aid kit was found hiding in the pantry and is now on top of white storage cabinet.

While cleaning in the kitchen, Jean found two large openings for the mice to enter: one on the floor under the stainless steel tables and one on the wall under the sinks. The committee will cover / seal the areas with steel wool, metal plates, sealant, etc., to hopefully eliminate those two “ports of entry”!

The committee reminds all who use the kitchen to use Lysol wipes on all surfaces before any food prep. The church mice are having a ball and have traveled everywhere. Their droppings have been found in most church spaces, especially where even a few crumbs of food can be found.