Board President’s Notes

By Bob Rockwell

In these past few weeks ice and snow have wreaked havoc on meetings and get togethers. Barbara Threet’s scheduled Sunday service was cancelled. The wide fluctuations of temperatures are unlike any winter I recall. I hear and read talk about the reality of climate change, but sadly it seems that the lazy and disillusioned don’t vote and have allowed our democracy to be taken over by the skeptics and “deniers”. I am heartened by the many members of UUCGF who are actively involved in politics and trying to make the world better for all of us. Being an active part of our congregation is important for our education and for mutual support.

A few weeks ago we held a Congregation/Board conversation to discuss our congregation’s budget and finances. The hard reality is that taking into consideration the level of our pledging has gone in the past we cannot afford to continue supporting Barbara Threet at one third time and are forced to reduce her commitment to us to quarter time. We have made decisions to improve our physical building by installing solar panels on our south facing roof which should reduce our electric costs over time and install a dehumidifier in the basement along with foam insulation around the perimeter which should save on heating and reduce or eliminate our mouse infestation. We are in the process of emptying out the Religious Education wing in preparation for painting and installing a new door. Hopefully we will be able to find an appropriate renter and have a consistent income from this rental.

Our UUCGF Annual Meeting is only three months away. It will be held on Sunday, May 5th following the Sunday service. We will be electing Board members, and officers, as well as two Nominating Committee members. Please explore among yourselves and talk with members of the nominating committee: Sally Strasser, Martha Torregrossa, and Dan Westlake, about your ideas of who you might like to have serve in these areas. We will also be voting on the budget.

Joe Kern recently fell on the ice and broke his hip. He is currently at Glens Falls Hospital and would appreciate visitors and support.