Membership Committee

By Krystyne Wozniak & Jean Grant

The Membership Committee has been working with the Board to update the UUCGF Directory and determine who is a member or friend, as well as those who wish to be removed from the Directory. Letters were composed and mailed to anyone whose status might have changed. This was a difficult task, and the Committee is grateful to those who organized and spent much time and effort creating the new Directory. The New Directory will be available in January 2019.

The Committee continues to work on Coffee Hour teams and the need for more volunteers to help. Members have agreed that there might be times when there is no coffee hour after service. A list of tasks for Team Coordinators and volunteers will be created to clarify what they are responsible for. A supplies list will also be posted in the kitchen so volunteers can let the Committee know what is needed.

The Committee is very pleased Krystyne Wozniak has agreed to stay on as Committee Chairperson. She has done a wonderful job for over a year, and we appreciate all she does.

We expect to have another New Member Sunday in the spring. Anyone interested in becoming a member should speak to our Minister, Rev. Barbara Threet or to me. Our next Membership Committee Meeting will be on Thursday, Jan. 17th at 12:00 p.m. All are welcome!

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