Report from the Building & Grounds Committee

by Jean Grant

The Building and Grounds Committee is pleased to have a new member. Jack Abbott has volunteered to serve on the Committee and offer his support. Thank you, Jack!

The water temperature for the sanitizer was discussed, and it was determined that the present temperature is sufficient. The chemicals used in the process sanitize the dishes, which should be washed in hot water before sanitizing.

The on-going mouse activity is keeping the committee busy! Everyone is urged to put all food items in storage containers or the refrigerator, as well as not leave dirty dishes on the counters or in the sink. New containers for clean recyclables and soda bottles are in the kitchen. New door strips will be added to the back porch door, as well as the pantry door.

The Board and Committee members are working with Adirondack Basement to reduce the humidity in the basement. Future plans are to have foam insulation sprayed along the sills, which will greatly reduce heat loss and seal entry areas for the mice.

Rich Myette is working with someone to haul away the items on the back porch, which will clear the exit area and take away bedding for our mice.

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