Board President’s Notes

by Bob Rockwell

In the craziness of our current political turmoil it is nice to have a home base of people that I can feel at home with and who have similar values and sensitivities. You might say that we are sort of like a tribe, but an inclusive tribe, open to others who share similar values and sensitivities. Many of us play a role in the larger community. Coming together to worship on Sundays is a way to support each other and our values and is a source of solace in trying times.

Elayne Leonelli and I met with Brent McDevitt of Apex Solar on Monday, October 22 and paid a down payment of $1,000 to get the process of installing solar panels on our south facing roof started. There are further evaluations and paper processing involved but hopefully we will have solar panels installed before the end of December. However, because we are closing in on the end of 2018 and there are many other entities (National Grid, Town of Queensbury, etc.) involved who need to each do their part in order for the system to be operational, it is possible the project will not be fully operational until 2019.

Jean Grant has volunteered to be a co-chair for the Buildings and Grounds Committee. We need another co-chair and some people willing to do some of the work involved in maintaining our building and grounds. Mike Goodwin has volunteered to assist Elayne Leonelli in some of the treasurer’s work. Mike is well qualified being an ex-math teacher.

The second Friday in November, November 9, the Adirondack Friends of Jung will be showing another film at 7 pm at UUCGF. The film, “The World Within”, includes interviews of Carl Jung talking about his life and work along with images and excerpts from his published journal, “The Red Book”.