Report from the Membership Committee

by Krystyne Wozniak

The Membership Committee took the summer off and did not have any meetings for the months of July and August. During this time, and due to so many being away on vacation, we ditched the coffee hour teams, switched to instant coffee for ease, and just winged it on a week-by-week basis. It all worked out perfectly! Every week we had plenty of refreshments and treats for all. Many thanks to all that helped out during the summer, your help is greatly appreciated!

We will now be creating new Coffee Hour Teams, and ask that those who can, please sign up! To me, coffee hour is important because it is a wonderful time to really connect with fellow members, friends, and guests, and to really feel like you are a part of a community. The Coffee Hour Teams are important so we can be organized, know what to expect on a weekly basis, and so that it doesn’t all fall on just a few to make it happen. Team members provide snacks (you can make it or buy it, whatever you like to share is good!), set up and make the coffee, and then clean up afterwards. The more teams we have, the better! If you are able to participate, please contact me.

Our next Membership Committee Meeting will be on Thursday, Sept 13th, at 12 p.m. … all are welcome!

~ Krystyne Wozniak