Month: January 2019

Membership Committee

By Krystyne Wozniak & Jean Grant

The Membership Committee has been working with the Board to update the UUCGF Directory and determine who is a member or friend, as well as those who wish to be removed from the Directory. Letters were composed and mailed to anyone whose status might have … read more.

Reading & Discussion Group

by Harvey Noordsy

For the January meeting of the Discussion Group on Monday, January 14th at noon, Tony Krivitski will lead a workshop on the book Drawdown which explores what individuals, businesses and governments can do to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.  No … read more.

Religious Education

by Chuck Schiltz

RE makes its shift into the new classroom this January, we will be
stepping away from the Amazing Grace series for a bit and talking
about school life for our children and the important things that they
may be facing – responsibilities, bullying, boys & girls and
changing friends.  … read more.

Holiday Sharing Program 2018

by Steve Baratta

New Year,” and an effusive “Thank You” to everyone who
participated in this year’s sharing of good will with those decidedly
less fortunate.  In this year’s Holiday Sharing Program, with
help from Will Aitcheson and Diane Collins, we were able to donate
green wool hats and money for books … read more.

Adirondack Friends of Jung

by Bob Rockwell

The Adirondack Friends of Jung will NOT be meeting in December. Our next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday January 11that UUCGF. We will be discussing the first chapter of MAN AND HIS SYMBOLS by Carl Jung. Contact Bob Rockwell at … read more.

Report from the Building & Grounds Committee

by Jean Grant

The Building and Grounds Committee is pleased to have a new member. Jack Abbott has volunteered to serve on the Committee and offer his support. Thank you, Jack!

The water temperature for the sanitizer was discussed, and it was determined that the present temperature … read more.

Report from the Social Action Committee

By Diane Collins

On the first Monday of every month the Social Action Committee includes an insert in the Sunday Order of Service. We hope to share our interests and actions with the Congregation in this way.

The January 6, 2019 insert addresses the climate crisis … read more.

From Rev. Barbara’s Desk

By the Rev. Barbara Threet

I write this on the day of Solstice, the day of the physical turning of the year. It’s only 10 days until the turning of the calendar year. Endings and beginnings, both of them. I often use UU meditation manuals as … read more.